Should you trust your Instagram password to third-party applications

Instagram enjoys massive appreciation on a global scale. It is estimated that over 1 billion people log in to the platform every month. This increasing wave of support pushes companies into stiff competition for followers to increase brand awareness and drive sales. One method of attracting more potential customers has them use third-party applications, out of which some are safe and efficient and others are malware-carrying, data-stealing software that can seriously damage your business.

Today, we are looking at the use of third-party apps for Instagram and discover how much of your information you should trust with them.


Third-party apps are applications developed by other vendors than the manufacturer of a device (your smartphone) or the releaser of the parent app for which you use them (in this case Instagram).

You can easily install 3rd party apps on your phone to ease some of the processes in parent apps. There are millions of such software programs that relate somehow to the use of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as well as dating sites like Tinder and Badoo. Most of them help you receive impressions and matches without having to wait for them to increase organically or for you to manually process them.


Some 3rd party apps are extremely efficient since they provide features that the original developer did not include. For Instagram, such software can help you increase the number of followers for your account or the number of likes, views, and impressions that your posts can attract. If you are trying to promote a brand or a business on Instagram, then such third-party apps are crucial to your success.

It is essential that you use these apps with the same care that you utilize more popular, social media applications. Read their “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” to understand more about how they use the data that you provide. This simple step that most users usually skip can save your personal information from reaching the wrong or ill-intended people out there.

When using a 3rd party app you should always take some time to read other users' reviews. Their experience with the application can give you an insight into how it will work for you. It is best to stay away from apps that other people mark as sketchy or faulty, as these are clear signs that the developer is after something else than trying to help you improve your use of a parent app.


When you look for third-party apps that provide you with more active followers on Instagram, you should always look for a highly-rated one. A significant number of positive user reviews should be a clear signal that you are about to use a safe and effective program. With proper help from experts like, you can reach a wider audience on Instagram and develop your account in a highly-secure manner where all your data is 100% safe.

Installing a third-party app to boost your appeal on Instagram and attract more users for your profile should be fairly easy and straightforward. The data that you provide should be minimal and it should NEVER include your password, security questions, and answers that might give others access to your Instagram account.

You can easily get more followers for your Insta profile without giving other details than the name of your account. Serious and professional 3rd party apps do not need your password-protected information to develop your account, and most of all they do not have to log on to it.


As Instagram is growing to attract more and more users, the attempts to hack accounts also develop at a similar speed. You can protect your Insta profile by employing simple protection techniques, such as: